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Growing Your Network in a Coworking Space: 8 Tips to Follow

Being in a co-working space will provide you with many opportunities. For one, you get to be in a good location. At the same time, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to build and expand your network. Yes—you can improve your network while you cowork! Here are some tips for doing that:

Have Free Workshops

Coworking spaces are a great place to conduct workshops in. If no one has done this yet, organize one! It doesn’t have to be a huge workshop—start small and make sure that it’s relevant to the people in the coworking space. Keep it neutral as much as possible to ensure that people in the space will have higher chances to relate.

Suggest a Work Trade

One of the best things you can do at a coworking space is barter for products and services. You might think that’s unethical, but you will be surprised how common and normal it is. For example, a writer can offer blogs to a web developer in exchange for a website revamp. There are many opportunities in a coworking space; all you need to do is make a move and get to know the people you work with daily.

Initiate Conversations

All you need is to say “hi,” and then who knows? It might lead to an engaging conversation, leading to more opportunities for you to expand your network.

Keep in mind: when networking, you need to build engaging conversations. Therefore, this is an important tip that will help you flourish with your networking capabilities.

Have an Open Door Policy

Make your coworking space open for neighbors. This is a great way to network with more people. Also, connections are built when employees are open and receptive. Try to work in a common area if the task at hand doesn’t need a great deal of concentration.

Share Your Knowledge

Since you’re in a coworking space, why don’t you share your knowledge about your business or the industry you’re in. By doing so, you can even open new opportunities.

Bring Promotional Materials

Promotional materials, such as cards, keychains, pens, and many more will be useful. Give it away if you have some extras as these things can be helpful for you as they can help your marketing. In addition to that, you’ll also get to network using these materials.

Express Your Passion

In building relationships, curiosity and interest must be there, and one of the things to make this happen is passion. Express your passion for what you do, and you will definitely attract like-minded individuals who can be helpful in your journey.

Share Your Past Experiences

When you share your past experiences, you create a sense of attachment that will help develop a connection with others in the coworking space. So, don’t be afraid to share your past experiences, especially if you think they will be valuable to most people you work with.


Coworking isn’t only about having a space to work in. It’s also a place to build business connections and grow your network. Use these tips to create a stronger network that you can use for future growth.

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