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The Best Option for Flexibility in COVID-19: Co-Working Spaces

One of the biggest shifts that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about is the way that people work. The very fabric of occupational duty has been torn and stitched back up again by numerous circumstances! Social distancing has made the age-old way of working impossible, removing the feasibility of simple group meetings and other “normal” and casual interactions, such as team-building exercises or even group dinners.

The good news is that there was already a ready alternative—though not too many people had taken it on before. Working remotely took on a whole new life and became part of the "new normal" for many countries. That said, having a shared workspace and the working model of doing one's job from home aren't entirely mutually supportive just yet!

Why is opting for a co-working space the best choice?

Being able to work in an environment that's diverse can be particularly useful in this time when people are isolated and alone. There's a lot of good that comes with being surrounded by like-minded individuals, and having a change of scenery aside from one's room, kitchen, or living room can really give off some renewed inspiration.

Understandably, some people may question whether working remotely is actually helpful. It was more of an "as needed" basis before the pandemic began—but now, it's just a full-on need! Thankfully, productivity has apparently taken a turn for the better to the point that certain companies are looking to keep things going even after COVID-19 makes it necessary.

Employees from many companies and organizations were given the permission to do remote work for up to 3 days in a week. That came from an attempt to strike some type of work-life balance even with offices closed and many restrictions in place. Instead of counting the hours spent on the job, the focus has now turned more towards the end results of the work that each employee puts in. It's not about how much time is spent—it's about what actually, finally gets done!

What makes going to a co-working space in order to work remotely better than working from home?

There are numerous reasons why co-working spaces are healthier and better than simply working from home. Among them are:

  • The sheer convenience and open amenities;

  • The capability to learn from nearby peers and professionals;

  • The open opportunity to network and solidify connections; and

  • The considerable boost of productivity inside a professional and thriving environment.


There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many ways. This includes the way people work: especially with “Stay-At-Home” orders, working remotely from home became the new normal!

However, as things slowly but surely improved and restrictions were eased, another alternative came to the forefront: co-working spaces. They were already prevalent even before the pandemic, but nowadays, they've become an incredibly helpful tool for many companies! By taking on this opportunity to provide flexibility for your employees, you can ensure that productivity remains high and your open opportunities become even more accessible!

Are you looking for a Londonberry co-working space to set your company up amidst the pandemic? Contact Work Hub Suites today! We are a collaborative workspace environment that’s right in the heart of Londonderry, New Hampshire. Get in touch with us to find out more about our available service packages!

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