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Clearing Up 5 Common Rumors About Coworking Spaces

There seems to be a really unwarranted amount of misconceptions surrounding coworking spaces. Still, despite these rumors, plenty of people still go out of their way to utilize some of these coworking spaces when they need an area to study or work in.

There are even repeat clients who come all the time because they enjoy the ambiance of a coworking space. If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t knock it out of your list, and just give it a shot to make up your own opinion about these spaces.

Here are some clarifications on some of the most common rumors about coworking spaces.

Coworking Spaces Full of Distractions

No matter who you mention a coworking space to, the first thing they usually think is that they’re full of noise and just plain distracting. However, this is simply not true. Coworking spaces have set rules about how loud people are allowed to be. Some people enjoy chatting once in a while, but not to the point of creating noise.

Along with that, the very reason people are going to a coworking space is to work. If you’ve gone to an open office where everyone was focused on their tasks, it’s usually the same sight and noise level at a shared workspace.

Only Freelancers Go to Coworking Spaces

Although it may seem like it, you can see all types of workers, individuals, students, and start-ups who come to coworking spaces. This is why a coworking space can be such an exciting avenue to create a network of connections in real life. You get to meet new people from different industries and share what you do.

Understandably, it’s not going to be like someone is going to approach you every single day. One good thing about coworking spaces is that each professional has a layer of respect and mindfulness for the expert beside them.

Every Coworking Space Is the Same

This isn’t true at all because if you even compare coworking spaces in a city alone, you might stand to find a lot of differences. Facilities are usually game-changers. Some coworking spaces may have one shared floor of tables, while others offer private suites and conference rooms for larger groups.

Along with that, inclusions and provided equipment might be different. Don’t assume that each coworking space will be offering the same thing, or that the community will be the same in each one. Research if you want to prepare and find the suitable accommodation.

A Coworking Space Is Just Like an Office for Rent

This is a good comparison, except a coworking space is just a little bit better than an office. A shared workspace can provide the same resources and equipment you need. There’s also much more flexibility in the financial investment that you give when reserving a part of the coworking space rather than committing to an office space during these uncertain times.

A Coworking Space Doesn’t Give a Good Impression

Some business owners are scared of utilizing coworking spaces because they think it gives newly hired employees and clientele a lousy impression. This point can come off a little condescending to usual patrons of a coworking space; people who come to these places are the type to prefer collaboration, saving resources and utilizing what they canand that’s good.


It takes a visit to know if coworking spaces will be your cup of tea rather than just taking the word of other people. Find out what you want in a coworking space to get the best experience possible.

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